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About Us

Do yourself justice has been operating since 2002; the initial idea coming from a group of solicitors who noticed the increasing amount of enquiries they were getting about disputes which were suitable for the Small Claims Court.

It soon became clear that these people had only contacted solicitors because they didn’t know what other solutions were available to them with the majority never having heard of the Small Claims Court. It also became apparent that with the right kind of guidance and encouragement people were more than willing to give it a go on their own.

DYJ was therefore created so that these people could at least be pointed in the right direction.

All the contributors to DYJ are professional solicitors, who, quite apart from the usual money-grabbing, charge-by-The-hour stereotypes, believe that legal knowledge should be freely available to all. This philosophy was also behind the decision to keep DYJ completely free of membership or subscription charges. most of the information on the site can be found free of charge elsewhere on the web or in a leaflet or library somewhere in the UK. What DYJ has done is to collect all this information together and present it in a form which is accessible and easy to follow.

But although professionals can offer theoretical advice, the practical side of proceedings and the view from the shop floor, can only come from those in the thick of it all. That is why so much emphasis is put on the sharing of information between fellow DYJ’ers and why DYJ wants to receive questions, queries and experiences good or bad. our ethos has always been “just because your doing it yourself, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone”.