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Divorce Routemap

This is our own simple step by step guide to the Divorce process from start to finish. Simply click on any of the steps to access all the vital information you will need to deal with that part of the claim. The Routemap can be read at the beginning of Divorce proceedings for an overview of the legal process or used as a reference guide at each key stage.

You may also want to know more about other aspects of the Divorce process. The Court keep the legal proceedings surrounding the ending of a marriage quite separate from any proceedings involving children or finances and so we’ve done the same. What we haven’t done is provide a detailed routemap or a step by step guide to how to do this yourself. In our opinion the financial side of divorce and the welfare of the children involved is too important for you to try and do it yourself. However, a greater understanding of how the process works should help things run smoother and mean that you won’t be in the dark to what the solicitor is doing on your behalf. Click on the links below to find out more about what's involved.