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Employment Guide

Welcome to the employment section of the DYJ site. On the following pages you should find all the guidance you will need to successfully bring or defend an employment claim as well as general information regarding employment law.

First of all we would recommend that you have a look at our brief introduction to Employment Law itself and get to know about employee’s rights in our quick guide. Your claim may simply not be suitable for the employment tribunal at all. You should also always consider alternatives to commencing legal action. It is particularly important that employees and employers are familiar with the rules surrounding grievance procedures as failure to follow the steps required could end up in disaster.

Quick Guide to Employee rights
The Grievance procedure
What is an Employment Tribunal

We have also added our new guide to compromise agreements, Compromise Agreements - The Basics in response to the increasing number of enquiries we have been receiving about compromise agreements in recent months. Perversely this isnt an area where DYJ’ers can do it for themselves. However, the good news is that the employer usually pays, so for once it won’t cost you anything to get some professional legal advice

Finally there is the DYJ Employment Routemap. This is our own simple step by step guide to the Employment Tribunal process from start to finish. Simply click on any of the steps to access all the vital information you will need to deal with that part of the claim. The Routemap can be read at the beginning of a claim for an overview of the legal process or used as a reference guide at each key stage of the claim.

If there’s anything you feel we’ve missed or if you have any questions about your claim then e-mail us straight away.