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Is the defendant worth it?

Wed, 2014-04-16 11:39 -- dyj

I want to bring a claim against someone but I’m worried that even if I succeed that they won’t have the money to pay back what they owe me. What steps can I take to check to see if they are financially viable before bringing the claim?

The are a number of sources available to members of the general public to find out about a debtor’s assets. Below is a short list. Some are free and some require a small fee. If you contact the organisation involved or visit their websites they can tell you more.

DVLA Swansea – Find out who is the registered keeper of any vehicle –

Electoral Roll – Current and past residents at a given address – Local town halls or libraries or on the internet at

HPI Equifax – Check if a vehicle is stolen , written off or on finance – Phone 01722 422422 or visit

Land Registry – Name of registered owner of any house, land as well as details of mortgages and whether person is bankrupt –

Local Bankruptcy County Court – Whether bankruptcy petition has been issued against a judgment debtor. Contact court relevant to debtors address.

Companies House – Information about a company, filed accounts and liquidation status –

Registry Trust Ltd – Register of County Court Judgments –